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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Philips Rollable Screen

Today Philips has unveiled the new Readius rollable screen. Meant to portable devices the Readius has some interesting specs. 10:1 Contrast, 240 x 320 pixels, .75 rolling radius. Ok ok if they can make a handheld triple in size, I want my 52 inch pocket TV. Really the ideas are endless.

Ideas for uses:
-Pocket TV
-External lap top monitor
-Replacement for old out dated glove box maps
-Window shades that change color (now I'm just dreaming)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Ipod Shuffle Drive

If your like me you hate those stupid side usb ports right there in the way. Well welcome to the king of all solutions "The Ipod Shuffle Drive". It's pretty dang simple to make so here it goes.

Wood (just run down to lowes and pick up some cheap junk, I got more than enough for under $10)
3.5 to 5.2 drive conversion rails (these things are cheap, I ripped them out of my junker.)
Floppy drive cover (or zip drive, really who uses zip drives these days?)
Screws (just some small screws no nails.)
Glue (I used gorilla clue, that stuff ain't movin)
Rivets (Holds strong, perfect for the application)
Spray Paint (optional, but hey the stuff is like 2 dollars)
USB 2.0 to motherboard connector
USB 2.0 extension cable

Step 1:
Take your floppy drive cover and rivet it to your mounting rails. Make sure you make it "float" in the rails (I.E. not to high not to low).

Step 2:
Take that wood you bought and cut it to form around you Ipod (see picture for a cheap example). Make sure you put your usb connector at the end of the tunnel. Also some glue around the usb connector will help. Basically I sandwiched the wood together held with screws and glue (J.B. weld might be better than gorilla glue for that).

Step 3:
Mount your floppy/rails base thingy and screw it to your ipod tunnel/holder thingy. I used glue and screws for that.

Step 4:
Your done except for hooking it up. Just hook up the USB to Motherboard connector to your usb extension cord and slide in your drive. It's over. Go get a soda and kick back while Itunes steals your cash.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the waiting

Ya ya new blog.

Projects in progress:
Back lit picture frame
Ipod Shuffle drive tray